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About Indigo Patterns

Making cosplay and sewing more accessible to crafters of all skill levels

Indigo Patterns is the passion project turned full time gig of multi-disciplinary crafter Kirsty, known as Indigo Jinjo online (and no, she really didn't think her old gamertag would become her brand, oops).

After struggling with fitting commercial sewing patterns for years, Kirsty decided it was time to learn how to draft her own clothes if she would have any hope of fitting her uniquely shaped body. She dabbled in pattern drafting as a side hobby, especially to help craft costumes for herself, while working as a jeweller for the better part of a decade.

Kirsty never expected that this little hobby would turn out to be her true calling, but after many requests for sewing commissions from her local community, she decided to try putting her drafts together as graded patterns so that she could share them with others. The overwhelmingly positive response to this gave Kirsty a new sense of purpose and from that moment, she was determined to continue creating patterns that were as accessible as possible to not only beginner sewers, but people of all shapes and sizes too. 

Indigo Patterns strives to be an accessible resource that is an inclusive, safe and fun place to level up your crafting, for anyone who finds joy in this hobby. 



Kirsty is a camera shy human who enjoys nothing more than diving into the deep end and learning new things. She has a background in jewellery, metalsmithing and communications, having studied a BA Jewellery at Charles Sturt University, but has also dabbled in many other disciplines including photography, textiles, and graphic design. Having studied in the wake of the GFC, Kirsty developed a fascination for using more affordable, non-precious materials in her Jewellery work, and took a liking to working with sustainably sourced copper. For many years she specialised in copper forming and patination, and loved experimenting with techniques like fold forming, enameling, etching, and repousse.

These days Kirsty doesn't get to play with fire and metal as much, but has found unending joy in pushing her skills to the limits with sewing and cosplay. She loves combining her skills in mixed mediums with her cosplay work and loves nothing more than working out how to bring anime nonsense designs to life. She has an unusual fascination with dumb sleeve patterns and working out how to make designs that disrespect the fabric medium.


Kirsty lives with a chronically unwell body that is always furious with how fast her ADHD brain works, but she loves that Indigo Patterns allows her brain to have lots of fun, while also (mostly) respecting her physical limitations.  She owes that privilege to every single one of you and will forever be grateful.

Dancer Dorothea (FE3H) Photograph by Kinda Good Photography
Dancer Dorothea - Fire Emblem Three Houses
Materials - Duchess Satin, faux dupioni, lace, hand forged brass, garnet gemstones.
Madfest 2020
Photo - Kinda Good Photography
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